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Chasing the Dream episode 1


An in-depth view of what it takes to become a champion.

With strict deadlines and timing schedules for live TV events, it is very difficult to cover all of the bases for a viewer. Fox Sports and Monster Energy Supercross, in collaboration with OctaneLabs, teamed up to produce a multi-episode series showcasing the highs and lows of Supercross and the stories behind the greatest racers of this generation. The goal was to create a unique story line that brought a new viewer up to speed with the sport, while taking them behinds the scenes of the sport’s most elite.

With a great storyline to craft, we were up to the challenge of documenting each riders journey as they pursue a shared goal – becoming the next World Supercross champion.


A raw behind the scenes documentary.

In order to provide a compelling story of what it takes to become a top Supercross athlete, we decided to share their story from every aspect. From interviewing the team and sponsors behind the riders, to their family members who have sacrificed so much in order to get their kids to the biggest stage in the sport. We went to the head offices of the companies investing so much money and time into these athletes to find out what made them sign them.

Over the course of 27 weeks, we travelled to 16 states and captured every critical moment of the championship, as well as all the preparation leading up to the season.

Chasing the Dream

Watch the entire series.

The series was a huge success, airing on Fox Sports Network during primetime hours. Millions of viewers tuned in and got a closer look of the lives these riders live and everything they have put in to becoming the future legends of the sports. Check out the entire series below!

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  2. Chasing the Dream episode 2

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  4. Chasing the Dream episode 4

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